Parenting Your Teen With Less Stress (Part 2)

How to Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem


Having strong self-esteem is critical, especially during the teen years. This is true for the following reasons:

¥ Self-esteem is a significant factor in how each of us manages our life.

¥ How we feel about ourselves guides the choices we make, how we feel, how we respond to events, and just about everything else we do.

¥ Strong self-esteem enables us to make constructive choices for ourselves and others.

¥ When our self-esteem is weak, we tend to make choices based on what others think and want, rather than on what is really best for us.

You can help your teen build and maintain his or her self-esteem in the following ways:

  1. Ask why he thinks the way he does.
  2. Remind yourself that your teen needs to differentiate herself from you. That is her job as an adolescent, and it is healthy. Allow her to do it.
  3. Let him know that you love him.
  4. Let her know that you will always be there for her.
  5. Give him permission to explore ideas.
  6. Don’t be threatened when she expresses herself.
  7. Encourage him to express his feelings appropriately.

by Dr. Eve Kilmer

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